DTS/S1 'Pitch Black'

Obsidian Dynamics DTS/S1 'Pitch Black' is a next generation distributed transaction server and native object database. Pitch Black is a clustered solution that embraces high levels of parallelism to achieve absolute reliability, fault tolerance and organic scalability resulting in ultra high performance transaction processing. Parallel to this, Pitch Black achieves the lowest cost per transaction of any other commercial transaction processor or transactional database management system.

Pitch Black is all about simplicity and speed. Where relational databases bear the overhead of 'unpacking' complex object-oriented structures to fit a 2D table model, and then 'repacking' these structures to present back to the application, a native object database persists business structures as-is. The net effect: where peer products require million-dollar computer hardware to achieve speeds in the order of tens of thousands of transactions per second (TPS), Pitch Black can achieve similar figures on hardware that would take up one unit of rack space. Given clusters of high-end server hardware, coupled with clustered network attached storage (NAS) devices, speeds in excess of 100,000 TPS are achievable.

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