What is it?

Obsidian Dynamics Continuum is middleware for facilitating schema evolution of object-oriented data. It is a hardware-independent serialisation library for long-term persistence of loosely-structured data - using plain Java objects. Unlike traditional Java Serialisation and its peers, Continuum readily supports the evolution of stored data over time. Any transformation, however radical, can be achieved through pluggable transformation rules that work on the fly and remain transparent to the application.

What is it for?

Continuum is all about agile software development, namely refactoring. Refactoring is easy before a system enters production; after go-live, evolution stagnates, as architects and developers have to work under the constraints of existing data. Continuum unshackles your development and changes the data to follow the application.

  • Agile Development
    Keep adding features to your product and let Continuum evolve the data.
  • Custom Storage
    Supports flat files and in-house persistence engines.
  • Database Integration
    Integrates with all major relational databases to support semi-structured data.

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