About Obsidian Dynamics

Obsidian Dynamics is an Australian-based software solutions provider specialising in high availability and high performance computing. Our area of expertise covers real-time signal processing, database management systems, server-side and back-office applications, as well as fault-tolerant clustering and grid computing.

Solid experience with Java cross-platform technologies enables us to build stable, efficient, run-anywhere architectures that can be plugged into existing software products to enhance reliability, productivity and user experience.

We strive for our products to meet and exceed any existing specification of similar products offered by our competitors. Second best won't do. This is the very essence of the way we do business. We are not factory workers - we consider building software systems a form of art. We spend countless hours perfecting every grain of detail, porting the product from one platform to another, ensuring consistent behaviour, performance and memory integrity. Our achievement: products that perform as good as they look. Our goal: building the reputation of being the best at what we do.