Software Architecture
Consulting and Research


Distributed Computing

Always-on systems capable of very high throughput and low latency, scaling out on demand. From clustered application servers and message-oriented systems wide-area grids and IoT, we have designed and implemented systems enabling our clients to operate at scale.

SOA and Micro-Services

SOA and µ-services are often at the forefront of digital transformation, redefining how we manage complexity through reusable components and APIs. Getting SOA right, particularly when moving from monolithic and legacy systems is a challenge we're up for.

Reactive, Event-Driven

Event-Driven Architecture builds on SOA in dynamic and changing environments, where loosely coupled systems react to complex data streams from multiple sources. Real-time analytics, fraud detection, risk management and algorithmic trading are ideally accommodated by EDA.


Enterprise agility and scale are today almost synonymous with Cloud. Obsidian helps you correctly architect your systems for the Cloud, making the most of the flexibility and cost savings potential from providers such as AWS.

Architecture Strategy

Architecture guides the structure and evolution of enterprise systems. Getting this wrong could mean writing off substantial investments and missing opportunities. Obsidian assists with the architecture strategy, ensuring your IT is aligned with the rest of the business.

Engineering Research

Ideation, proof of concept, research... or when the problem seems so nebulous that you just need a place to start and someone to help break it down.

Featured clients

Open source

We actively contribute software and research papers to the Open Source community. All work is covered by the BSD 3-clause license and hosted in our github repos.

Dynamic actor model for the JVM that makes writing asynchronous and concurrent applications easy.


Library for building high-performance, distributed, cross-platform WebSocket applications.


Simple broker for secure pub/sub message streaming over WebSockets. Flywheel can be embedded into an existing application or run as a free-standing cluster.


Simple, elegant bootstrapping and configuration. YConf is like an ORM for config files, supporting JSON and YAML.


Low-overhead logging façade for performance-sensitive applications. Zerolog is around an order of magnitude faster than SLF4J for suppressed logging.


Real-time message streaming over Hazelcast in-memory data grid. Meteor is like Kafka/Kinesis, but without the brokers.


Obsidian Dynamics is a Sydney-based software architecture consultancy specialising in strategy, transformation and performance-centric transactional systems.

We are driven by passion and take pride in being the leaders in our craft. Our projects have ranged from helping clients take on digital transformation programs and build resilient systems in the Cloud that cope with Web scale. We enabled integration capabilities, allowing a client to leverage their core IP to become a high-volume B2B service provider. We designed the mobility service layer for Australia's largest civil infrastructure project. That said, we don't just work for the big end of town; we've helped startups get on the right path with their architecture. And we're close to code; we don't just dream it up — we'll build it, if that's what it takes.